Let’s look at Rite Aid RAD: (%) from a Technical stand point. The 3 year weekly charts depict a turnaround or pivot low pattern we like to see on the MTTS System, with the addition of the MTTS buy signal on the 1-year daily chart.  On the weekly chart, the price is dropping far below the 200 SMA and looks like it might get pulled back up to it. On the daily chart, the price is pulling back up to the 50 SMA with the addition of a nice curbed bottom. Now talking news, even with denial of the Merger between Rite Aid RAD: (%) and Walgreens WBA: (%), both have found a way around it and Walgreens WBA: (%) is buying Rite Aid RAD: (%) assets.

MTTS has RAD on the watch list for July 19th https://wp.me/P811no-Ye with price targets of $2.85 and $3.20 for a longer term, with $2.30 as a stop.

finviz dynamic chart for  RAD

Now lookint at Opko Heath Inc. from a Technical Analysis view. The 1 year Daily chart shows potential, bouncing off of a double bottom and headed back into the 50 SMA. It looks like it has found a base on the 3 year weekly chart and it seems that OPK OPK: (%) likes to trade above the 200 SMA. The weekly chart shows signs that it is headed back up to it and 200 SMA value is currently around $10.  We also have it on the MTTS watch list  for July 19th https://wp.me/P811no-Ye with price targets of $7.00 and $7.50 for a longer term, with a stop at $6.00.

finviz dynamic chart for  OPK

Cesar nor MTTS Trading LLC currently owns any shares of mentioned stock above. This article is strictly for informational purposes in compliance with disclosure requirements pursuant to S.E.C. statute and code.

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