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hatlesssandman · October 17, 2016 at 2:06 am

I started using the MTTS about four weeks back; I had no knowledge of options whatsoever, so I started the journey being very skeptical and hence began with a small amount of just $700. After a month of using the system, I turned the 700 into $2000, although not a huge gain dollar wise, that is nearly 200% return in a month! I could have done better had I stuck to planned exits, unfortunately, due to being impatient, I ended up leaving a lot of money on the table, and took losses on winning positions. However, even then, the system produced tremendous results. Anyone on the sidelines on trading options and don’t know where to begin, MTTS is the perfect place to start, not only because they call out plays and alerts but teach you along the way, so it’s not a typical chat room, where you follow the leader. Each play is outlined with target entries, profit targets and stop losses. I would urge anyone thinking about trading options to try out MTTS, starting my second month and very excited 🙂

DonR22 · July 3, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Being a new trader it is hard to know what I need to learn to be successful. I came across MTTS Trading about a year ago, and since becoming a member I can say my knowledge of the market has increased substantially. It seems that every premium chat group only shows interest in getting your money, and then they forget about you. That’s not the case with MTTS. Since I joined I’ve had many one-on-one learning sessions with different admins of the group. Through these sessions, I have learned the MTTS trading system, and how the market works. The admins of this group do not forget about you, it has been clear from the beginning that they do not just want my money, they want to make me a better trader.

MTTS is not a signal service, they give you the knowledge to go and find trades for yourself. Which, in the end, makes their customers self-sufficient. I have been a member of multiple signal rooms, and was unsuccessful from the start. Those types of rooms just post what they are trading, after they have entered. Often times when I tried to follow those signals I was too late and ended up losing money. In the MTTS chat rooms, trades are discussed, learning occurs, and the trader is able to make a educated judgment on whether they want to enter or not. That’s what sets MTTS apart. The trader knows why the trade is being discussed, and what would be a good entry point, as well as stop losses, and profit targets.

Often times when reading reviews of premium chat services I will see people adding how much money they have made while being a member of the service. I never find that as being a useful review. My account has been up, and it is has been down. What a true review should say is the amount of learning that occurs, and the quality of the service itself. I learn something new on a daily basis in the MTTS rooms. Every time I have a question I’ll ask in the appropriate room, and have an answer within a few minutes. Obviously response times will vary depending on the time of day/night, the admins have lives and families just like the rest of us. But, I have never been waiting for very long to receive an answer to my questions. This leads me to another point, if an admin does not know the answer to one of my questions, they will not just try and answer it with speculation. They will find the answer and answer the question with correct information. That’s HUGE! This leads back to my comment on being a new trader and not knowing what I should know. If I get wrong info I will have a misguided view the info I asked; that has never been the case with MTTS. I can honestly say that the info I have received from MTTS is accurate. I say that because I trust, but verify the answers I receive.

MTTS Trading has, by far, been the best premium service that I have been a part of. I never have to pay another cent for another serivice because everything I need is in this group. As I said previously, a true, accurate review of a premium chat service should be based on the amount of learning, and quality of service. MTTS Trading has exceeded my expectations on both.

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