Have you ever wondered how the professionals pick their stocks? How do they know when to enter and when to exit? We can help. MTTS is not an alert service. We do however suggest trades during the day. We can also teach you how to use our system on your own and become a self-sufficient trader.

MTTS Trading is not like other sites. We do not throw an infinite number of tickers without an entry price or an exit strategy. We will always include stop and target prices.

Have you ever felt the anxiety of not knowing whether the trade would go your way or not? When the trade started to go against you, did you exit the trade or stay and hope for the best? The anxiety comes from not having the confidence that your trade is a good trade, mostly because there was no plan before the trade.  We have confidence in our trades whether they go in our direction or not.  We have a plan; we stick to it, and we would like to share it with you.

MTTS Trading LLC has developed a proven strategy, and the reason we want to share this strategy is to give everyone the opportunity to make money. Not only as a dedicated Day Trader but also provide an opportunity for anyone to manage his or her trading or retirement account while working in a non-market related field during the day.

The Watch Lists

We have daily and weekly watch lists. Each watch list provides suggested entries, targets, and stop losses to exit on any unforeseen events or if the trade simply does not go your way. The Watch List also includes options suggestion for the options trader.

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