I was struggling beyond belief before I found the MTTS trading team. I tried courses that I paid for and free content. The internet is filled with so much information and so many scammers it’s overwhelming. One day in another chat I met this guy named Ceser. I watched everything he posted and paid attention to what he was saying. He wasn’t following the herd and couldn’t care less about what everyone else was looking at for tickers. It was the next day or day after that they would start grinding up. He offered to give me a link to an MTTS webinar, no strings attached or no mention of money. He took the time on an actual phone call to teach me support and resistance and adding trend lines to every chart. I think he invited me into his chat do to my efforts. There I met Mike and Eric, also MTTS Moderators. This is when and where I learned how to play options. This is the group that taught me how to actually make money. Not with following their calls all the time either, by listening and asking questions. No question is silly or stupid with this group! You don’t learn unless you are willing to ask and study is what I was told. With zero pressure I decided to join MTTS System, first to take the clutter out of my charts but it was winning time and time again. With patience! MTTS puts you in a trade before most of the crowd or herd. If you want to really learn something and meet some of the most real and honest people in a sketchy world like trading. This is the place!! Sometimes people follow my trades now not even two years later! I owe more to this group than they will ever know and I am so lucky I found them. I am now a winning trader when I stick to the plan and the MTTS System. Robbie J.